handout hand‧out [ˈhændaʊt] noun [countable]
1. money or goods that are given to someone, for example because they are poor:

• Veterans said they're asking for jobs, not handouts.

2. a piece of paper with information on it, given to the people at a meeting, event etc:

• The Air Force gave reporters a handout listing staff locations.

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handout UK US /ˈhændaʊt/ noun [C]
something such as food, clothing, or money that is given free to someone who is in need of it: »

She ended up living on handouts and food vouchers.


federal/government/state handouts

money that is paid to someone without their asking for it: »

The electricity company offered shareholders a £238m handout.


Shareholders are to receive a 25p a share cash handout after the company banked £219m from the sale last year.

FINANCE money that is given by a government to people, organizations, or industries to encourage a particular activity: »

More than 50 American billionaires have received government farm handouts in recent years from a program created to help struggling small farmers survive.

MEETINGS a document containing information that is given to people at a meeting or other event: »

Keep the information in your media handout factual and to the point.

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